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and there was glass everywhere. >> now she will be out of her home for some time after a tree came crashing down extensive. roof damage and wall damage. a father and son narrowly escaped a toppled a tree. >> i told him to run this way and i ran that way. . i feel blessed. >> in northern virginia -- >> there was a shaking and then boom. >> a tree took out part of their f.imney and the roo >> that was brianne carter. we will have better weather today. things are looking up. update from meteorologist jacqui jeras. good morning. still looking at a couple of showers and clouds. they will get better progressively. let's show you super doppler. not much more than s towards lexington park
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and lusby over southern maryland. maybe for another hour or two. will be giving way to sunshine. pleasant autumn temperatures today, 5 degrees below where we year. be for this time of if you don't like that, be warmed bywill the end of the week. today, clearing skies, 63 degrees at 9:00, partly cloudy noon, 71 by 5:00, mostly sunny and nice. we have the next chance of storms not until saturday. we will talk more about that later. first, traffic with jamie. serve on the region, no major g problems inn virginia, maryland, or the district. we have an accident in virginia on the little river turnpike overtopping the beltway. are able to get through. still dealing with clean up from an overturned car.
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no problems getting into town the 14th street bridge. roosevelt bridge looks good and the anacostia looks fine. 295 passing benning road, no longer any standing water. county andgeorge's avenue closed near mill road, south of the parkway with a police investigation. s good on the maryland beltway. back to you. >> thank you. two prince george's county officers on administrative into as investigators look left one mane critically wounded. d.c. police are handling the because then happened underside of southern avenue in southeast. it happened around 10:00 last night. two princeton does county officers responding to reports walking around shots. they approached him, he officers.he they fired back. the man was struck several and taken to hospital. . a barricade situation said a catholic university student to
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the hospital. thece responded to disturbance after midnight. a university spokesperson said the student had barricaded room and atde a some point either jumped or fell off a fourth floor of the building. he was transported to the hospital conscious >> . mitt romney backing down from controversial comments that he made during a private fund- raiser. >> president obama responded last on the david letterman show. tuesday night, president obama weigh in on mitt romney's remarks. in 2008, 47% of people voted for and not me. what i said on election night was even though you did not vote voices i hear your as hard as i can to be your president. >> on monday, secretly recorded s of romney speaking at a
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campaign fund-raiser were e website of the left-leaning magazine mother jones. abroad brown explained the comments at a news conference y and on fox news tuesday. >> we were talking about a campaign and how he's going to half the votes and get about half the vote. i hope to get to over 50%. we have two different views about america. >> former president jimmy carter grandson id and he was the middleman between mother jones and the person who made the secret recording. carter is a democrat. >a lot of my total followers have been saying this is poetic justice. justice that a carter helped to
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get out the video giving the campaign so much trouble. agree with them. >> president obama has a clear lead in battleground virginia, romney 52% among likely voters. this is because of growing about the state of the country and the gender gap between the candidates. virginia has been one of the states throughout along with florida. president obama will be in virginia speaking at the potomac national station in woodbrige on friday. up tuesday morning to get tickets. the president is expected to about his economic plan and building a strong middle class. pundits tacklel tough issues facing the u.s. >> jon stewart and bill riley that will take place october 6 at george washington 90-minute debate online.l be streamed half of the profits go to
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charity. >> a lot of people will be watching. >> it is 60 degrees outside. >> still ahead, a mixup for metro. the transit agency canceled promotion on its . we w
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>> let's take a look at the forecast. >> jacqui jeras. a couple spotty showers, relied n maryland, nothing to worry about. you see severe storms, but ine's the clearing line pennsylvania into west virginia. is heading our way. watch for improvements. we have clouds in the morning. temperatures are little warmer. that provides a nice blanket. 63n d.c., 60 at dulles. 50's off to our west. we will be 10 degrees colder. sunny today, high around 67-72 degrees to. another picture perfect day. means traffic is moving better. jamie. >> absolutely. no major obstacles.
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you might encounter some tree out ofr branches coming the neighborhoods. looks quiet on 27 leading0 frederick. up this between urbana and hyattstown. good ride into the rock hill 270.change on 355 southbound and through and pushing south nicholson way, quiet. virginia, an accident about to clear. fairfax police say there was an overturned vehicle on the little turnpike westbound over top of the beltway. in springfield, no problems. back to you. >> thank you. the airport authority is expected to discuss an important issue when it meets today. board members expected to take policy prompted reports of insider contracts l spendingsh trave image.rnished its board will get an update on the >> metro canceled a promotion
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jewish high holidays t tell anybody. was meant to encourage more riders to transfer from the blue line.o the yellow it was canceled because of two jewish holidays. the plan was to give them a fair part. now it will just offer a survey to determine habits. it is 60 degrees outside. >> more action after a deadly a tree innvolving s virginil
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stories.g our top people across the d.c. area again.g up a mess left behind by severe storms yesterday that knocked down trees and power lines. numerous homes damaged. thousands of people lost power. roads were flooded, traffic stalled during the evening rush expect. day to be much better. peter del prado discounted officers on administrative leave involved shooting the officers approached a man shots onedly fired southern avenue. prince george's county officers. the man was sent to the hospital in critical condition. mitt romney said he would not
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don't payt people who income taxes. during an appearance on the late obama said the t must work for everyone some.t just for >> more trees will be removed in great falls. two giant trees located near pike and walker road. crews removed nearly 60 others last month in that area. tree removal comes after a killed in july when a fell and crashed on his --crush his car. george washington holding its today as part of national. this month. we will have the opportunity to kit. an emergency the ceo of at&t will be there to about the dangers of texting while driving. 11:00 to 3:00 at the foggy campus. >> montgomery county will honor s of the greatest .eneration today world war ii veterans with ties y county will be during a special
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ceremony at the silver spring building this morning. honored for their during onend loyalty t times int difficul u.s. history. public.s open to >> the space shuttle program, endeavourshuttle flight.s final >> its departure the late two days because of the bad weather. over thele will fly stennis space center in mississippi and an assembly facility in louisiana before arriving in houston. eventually it will be flown to california atn science center in los angeles. the same system that affected are weather camp. it was the rain forest in texas way throughe its florida and then to us. we feel >> a lot of people did. moving out, but we still morning and ais
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couple sprinkles, but no big deal. it really a pack a punch. had a fair amount of damage wind gusts of 61 miles an hour at reagan national the storm moved through. so there was a little damage. all of the blue dots indicate wind damage. f them. nationwide, there were 115. wide.was over four inches of rain in meyersville and deale elementary school. in frederick, maryland, just of a 41 inches. em7 in el smithsburg -- mittsburg. when we have clouds that night, that helps to hold in the heat.
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at 60's right now. 63 at reagan national. 50s across the west. 55 in westchester. temperatures will be warming up. skies will be clearing. becoming mostly sunny and pleasant, 67-72 degrees today. tomorrow we will be in the mid- 70s. as we approach the weekend. our only chance of rain over the is late saturday sunday.d hopefully, the timing remains day y because the old [unintelligible] >> let's start with the rail system. metro rail and vre on time. trains, all of those operating at reduced speeds of last night's storms. a 30 minute delay. no major obstacles on the roads
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on 95 and 395, on the beltway across the 14th bridge, a wonderful start. thatt of stafford, quantico andween triangle looking good. 66 leading gainesville, manassas, centreville, fair extending inside the beltway looks good. maryland, no worries. here. on 95 and the b-w parkway out fine towards the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. apple's new mobile operating system goes on sale today. someone already selling the new iphone on ebay. snack foods dial-up as a child of obesity increases. promoting the fast
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food to children. twitter is hollande al marj page -- twitter g a large picture. appleerating system from works on most devices. that will workne now, but it $11,000 comes with free shipping. the american phones are running up0 and
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davis brought him home. this ball game is over. 5:44. >> talk about sleepless in seattle. all it took was 18 innings and a that lasted until 4:00 in the morning eastern time. but the baltimore orioles mariners.he it was the equivalent of playing two complete ball games. anthe orioles have not lost april.nning game since >> now tim brant has more. >> forget the rain out yesterday, the nationals
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announced tickets will go on sale this friday for the playoffs. postseason baseball for the more than three decades. nationals and the dodgers this starting at 4:00. the nationals are three wins the playoffs and 10 of the games are in washington. players are taking a good thing take care trying to rather than look for help from atlanta. >> [inaudible] >> i have no clue. cracked the braves and marlins last night tied at 3 in the of the tent. marlins with the bases loaded. a walk on a single. scores. the braves were down, giving the five and a half-game lead and a magic number of 10. this afternoon starting at 4:00, n on the moundan washington. have a great day. >> we are still waiting to learn
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the nationals and metro could reach an agreement to keep the running lager in case the games golan. at 5:30, what a d.c. council about the possibility of reaching a deal. >> yunel escobar has been suspended three games for wearing eye-black this going slurs written in spanish during saturday's game against boston. apologized to anyone who may offended for what he said was meant to be a joke. , that'sary is $82,000 part of his salary that will be lost. that money will be in a the gay and lesbian group.e and another >> more on the fallout from mitt controversial comments during a private fund-raiser. the first time the
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead, mother nature area lastnd to our night. led to extensive areas including a number of downed trees. good morning, washington. wednesday, september 19. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. some of us were lucky enough to just get rainfall. one community hit particularly hard in cheverly. 59th avenue at 59th place. brianne carter has more. >> certainly a lot of people cleaning up again this as they wake up to more mass. some parts of the neighborhood there were just down trees. take a look at this behind me. you can see and the size of this that came crashing down on
5:31 am
top of this house. the fire marshal has deemed the unsafe. residents are not able to be in whileme at this time they continue to assess the damage of what exactly happened. this is a familiar scene across region after the wicked faster that came in very and furious yesterday. there was a lot of wind and rain. people it came through so was hardhat the damage to understand. when they walked outside and saw this, this is the mess. many people will be trying to down the trees happened inside the homes. residents say it could of been much worse. looking out for me. >> we have been blessed. worse.e been .> hearing from residents, the good news is no injuries reported from the storm.
5:32 am
live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. much.nks so what kind of weather can we today? >> here's meteorologist jacqui jeras. lot better today. still cloudy. even a couple sprinkles still out there. on top ofmera the belfort furniture weather center. starting to brighten up a little. degrees with spotty showers to the south of the district maryland, towards montross and lexington park and lusby. is all very light and it will be ending soon. clearing skies today, 63 degrees 9:00, partly cloudy and 67 at noon. 71 and lovely for your drive home. jamie. we like dry pavement. because of the storms last night, on the marc rail system,
5:33 am
penn trains operating at reduced speed. at least an hour late. keep that in mind. 270 starting to increase in volume southbound out of and urbana. the pace is much better towards 118. no problems around the beltway, in virginia or maryland. a water main break in virginia on columbia pike, that closed at wakefield st. between the four mile run drive in south george mason drive. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a person in condition after getting with princeout police. county d.c. police investigating happened onshooting side of southern avenue in washington around 10:00 last night. two prince george's county officers were responding to was walkingman around firing shots.
5:34 am
they approached and he fired at the officers. they fired back. he was hit several times and taken to hospital. >> jury deliberations resume in the retrial of a former ranger accused of killing his roommate. gary smith charged with killing theirl mcqueen in gaithersburg reported in 2006. convicted of second- murder in 2008 and it was overturned. he claimed that the man shot himself, but prosecutors say that the iraq war veteran is a killer. overe political firestorm romney's off-the-cuff remark rages. >> appearing on david letterman, criticizedbama romney for his controversial comments that nearly half of are dependent on the government. >> you represent the entire country. be president, you
5:35 am
for everybody and not just for some. >> the secretly recorded video romney telling wealthy that 47% of the country n government.o since the release of the tapes, campaign has been scrambling to control the damage. about a talking he's going toow get close to half of the boats will i.. get over 50% of. >> the obama campaign launched video with chicago residents reacting. me sick to my stomach. it shows he's out of touch. >> it comes at a terrible time hasthe gop nominee who behind president obama in most polls. don't. believe he don't. a recent poll found 58% of s said romney would
5:36 am
wealthy over the class. believe romney empathetic. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> we showed you how one bakery faces ofes with the presidential candidates. now you can apparently drink and brew. >> it is for sale at a liquor store in broken arrow, oklahoma. the store owner says it has .ecome a popular drink >> i feel this is just the beginning. 5:36 on this wednesday, 60 degrees. >> still ahead, questions linger about the nationals and metro can reach an agreement to keep e for thes running lat
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>> i'm from the columbia landau's for the blind. on september 29 for the .k race at nationals park
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>> good morning, washington. >> good morning. that made me want to waive a little. take a look at the satellite and radar picture. nasty weather yesterday. few reports of wind damage across the metro. the front is still lingering offshore. clouds toave some with this morning, a sprinkles in southern .aryland too this will continue to move out. today.or clearing skies will stay on the cool side. we are warm right now because of the clouds. if there were clear skies it be 10 degrees colder. 63 degrees at reagan national. becoming mostly sunny today and pleasant, high temperature of 67-72. let's check on traffic would jamie. >> good morning, washington. we have a stalled car on virginiae 95 northbound 5 in the lorton area. blocking the right lane. building quickly across
5:41 am
the occoquan. we had been in good shape. that, coming out of newington towards the beltway, 395, to report on the beltway. earlier accident on little river turnpike is gone. 270 delays are starting to grow in maryland. that between urbana and hyattstown. on the marc trains system, all penn trains operating at reduced speed. to an hour late. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 60 degrees. correct thousands of teachers in chicago are headed back to work this morning. chicago are headed back to work this morning. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new w citizens with job training,
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working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you.
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at 6:00, a warning from one aboutr parents metalinful dangers of
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water bottles, one that she said nearly killed her daughter. >> new mexico's second-in- domestic security had through airport security. what she forgot to take out of her purse. >> a papyrus showing jesus was married? stay tuned for that. things are getting hairy. >> her talk show will focus on the billion dollar business of hair. e will hit the streets of york city to ask people about her new look. l be windy wil williams. 7 at 4:00.bc >> at 5:00 we will focus on women taking control of their careers. women in construction careers. a group of women decided to and getheir lives
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training.on they have formed an allman construction company. that's. woman construction company. evening.t 5:00 this s says iflman jack evan nationals make the playoffs, make sure metro late should any of games go well after midnight. few weeks ago the nationals game here that lasted well after midnight. metro had already closed for the fans were forced orderve the game early in to catch the train. they have evans said will footed haveho , whether$32,000 bill
5:47 am
the team or the city. says he promises a deal will get done. the nationals have announced friday will go on sale playoffs. team is about three wins away from making the playoffs. they have 16 games left and 10 of those are in d.c. the chances are pretty good. they have two games here today and another tomorrow. tomorrow, if they win all three, they could have clinched a playoff spot. yesterday was cancelled before the rain. header today at the national stadium. the first game at 4:00 and the start to 30will minutes after that game. if you had a ticket for yesterday's game, you can itng it today and exchange for today's game. d.c. police looking at increasing security.
5:48 am
the washington examiner said to a police memorandum. the department would like to officers. celebrations during the as well >> . a house committee will take a botchedook today at asrunning probe known operation fast and furious. the committee voted ton general eric for notn contempt documents related pro.e >> two weeks before the 10th anniversary of the d.c. sniper attacks, survivors and aboutigators met to talk weeks.rifying three one shooting victim recalls what he thought was a random armed robbery. idea when he was shot was the beginning and leeallen mohammed malvo's terrifying crime spree. between september 5 and when
5:49 am
they were caught, i was fearful just like everybody else. i didn't realize i had already been shot by them. >> those leading the investigation also talked about work that went into the case. multiple agencies worked together to track down and two.ually our best to the correct the former u.s. envoy to afghanistan speaking about tensions with the arab world and maderogress the u.s. has years.last several >> we are at the beginning of awakening. e one.s act 1, scen >> ryan crocker said many countries have made big strides ownstablishing their security forces. the 2014 deadline for the u.s. to leave the afghanistan is running closer. u.s. has put them in a good position to run their own country. afghan units are leading in nearly half of the military operations there. 26 people dead after a huge s line fire.
5:50 am
nearby homes and ranches were evacuated as a precaution. minutes to put out around the mexican border. >> chicago public school back to workheaded today. the hiatus is over 350,000 students. now more on the contract settlement. gas up the buses. it's back to school in chicago. delegates voted to suspend the started more than a week ago. >> the environment was really calm. it was overwhelming to go back school. >> excitement to go back to class does not surprise me. teachers because we love what we do. >> a judge will hear the city's request to end the strike wednesday. tuesday's vote to suspend a
5:51 am
not ratification of contracttive agreement. officials hope that will ahead and theyks warned there are still some details to be worked out. points include the potential closure and dozens of controversial teacher evaluation system. >> when people come together to education,roblems of actually working in the schools need to be heard. i think this has been an opportunity for people across the nation to have their voices heard. think we are moving in the right direction. >> students and teachers and principals now can return to r cityooms across ou where chicagos future is being shaped. >> parents are relieved. besides the day care issue, just them needing school. to standmportant up for what you believe in. >> and early start to holiday shopping.
5:52 am
toys"r"us has released its list of the hottest toys of the .eason >> started looking to hire of seasonal workers as kohl's. >> it is never too early. target plans to hire 8000 seasonal employees this holiday 0,000. to 99 hire 10% more than year. stuffed dolls are
5:53 am
popular again. can reserve the toys a 20% down payment in the stores. the national retail federation found 43% of consumers toys duringuy nine the holiday shopping season. that's business news. reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. let's get a look at traffic and jamie. >> good morning. as a result of the storms last night we have problems with pe operating at reduced speed. hour late.o an that's the main problem on the rails. rail, onand metro schedule and on time. not much to tell you about from yesterday's storms. open and up to speed. there's a water main break in arlington. reported by police.
5:54 am
columbia pike is closed at between south four mile run drive san salvador to mason drive. you can use about 50. columbia pike is closed because the water main break. interstate 95 northbound has been reopened. there wasn't a problem with a stalled car earlier. slow towards lorton. back to you. >> thank you. cooler temperatures this morning. like we are drying out. >> a big difference between morning and this tomorrow morning. we have clouds still. when you get that, it acts as a blanket at night to hold in the heat. the 60's right now. morning, 40's and '50's across the region. let's show you that picture of things look out there. have clouds.
5:55 am
couple sprinkles even in southern maryland overall. , it is not a bad start. the rain we are seeing on super doppler is very light. this should not affect your travel. here are the temperature is in the '50s and '60s. incredibly comfortable. 60 at dulles, 61 in culpeper, we have 56 in hagerstown. this map shows the storms yesterday afternoon into the evening. clearing line that i was talking about. is in central pennsylvania, across west virginia. that will slide our way. we will watch for clearing morning andh the will beernoon there nothing but sunshine. we had quite a bit of storm damage with the front. been damage reports, 44 them across our region. reports, 34 of them across our region. had over an inch of rain at
5:56 am
dullesnational and airports. high-pressure dominating our weather. the next continue for couple days. rain for the rest of the workweek. becoming mostly sunny and pleasant, 67-72. mostly clear skies tonight, 44- 54. your seven-day forecast shows nice temperatures. the 80's byack into the weekend. rain is lateof saturday night into sunday. >> sounds good. thanks so much. 5:56. thanks so much. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it.
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vote for question seve and get maryland back to work.
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we have an update on robin about to have a bone marrow transplant. has been undergoing theotherapy to prepare for transplant. chemo caught up to - her bodyhe weekend - was weak but not ermine. thes a last day of treatment. t through. the transplant is for tomorrow. will explainor what is happening on the show. regis philbin cannot stay away from tv. he landed a monthly gig on the rachel ray show. you can watch a weekdays at on abc7.. right here another ionophores singer justin

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